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Wishing all people of the world Good Health, Happiness and Peace of mind.
Present day highly competitive and fast life style with huge demands on each person leads to excessive stress in almost everyone's life. In fact stress is believed to be an important cause of many diseases. And stress also seems to be having strong correlation with hypertension, though clear cause and effect relation has not been conclusively established. This month's Newsletter is the final part of "BP control without medications" series. Our guidelines regarding minimizing stress in life would hopefully be of use to all our viewers.

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Dr M Mohan Rao.
What is "Biopsy", generally a "Daycare Surgery"?
Lesions in the skin and under the skin, one or few in number, even Click ..here to know.
Several surgical procedures in Children can be done as out patient or Daycare"
When a child needs to come to hospital for surgery, the entire family is Click …here.
Very common cause of embarrassment in young boys is "Gynecomastia"
(Manboobs as it is also called). This can be easily cured by corrective surgery Click …here.
Most of the Dental Surgery & Cosmetic Dentistry procedures are "Daycare "surgery.
Cosmetic Dentistry is a very commonly discussed topic today.click..here
Are you wise enough to have "Wisdom Teeth"?
Wisdom teeth are the last teeth on either side of your jaws which erupt.. click here...
Find out about Hormones and how it affects your Acne/pimples.
Hormones are power packed chemicals produced by several special..click here
What are the best foods for you to have Healthy Hairs ?
A luxurious dark hair or somewhat thin hair and its distribution at its place. click.here. ?
Learn about safe and sufficient drinking water for good health.
OThe Humans the world over blindly drink daily billions of gallons Click …here

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