"Surgical Clinic"
on Poonamalle High Road

Strategically located in the heart of Chennai, at 962,Poonamallee High Road, it is easily accessible from all parts of Chennai.

It is a 30 beded multispeciality modern hospital, specialising in various surgical procedures, but also including all main branches of medicine. We have a group of well qualified highly committed band of professionals to head all our speciality sections, supported by a large paramedical staff. We give our very best service, comparable to that available anywhere else, to each and every patient who comes to us.

This Hospital is the new version of the original “Surgical Clinic” started by late Dr U Mohan Rau in 1930s

After 1989 the Hospital was temporarily closed following demise of Dr.U.Mohan Rau. It was entirely rebuilt in the same premises completely modernised and considerably expanded as "Dr.U.Mohan Rau Memorial Hospital". The new Hospital was inaugurated on 08th June,1995 by Dr.M.A.M.Ramaswamy, Pro chancellor of Annamalai University.

The new Hospital was started and managed by Prof. M Mohan Rao who was a General Surgeon & Plastic Surgeon of about 40 years’ experience, till his voluntary retirement in 2003. He was Hon. Professor of Surgery in Kilpauk Medical College and Hon. Chief in Surgery in Govt. Royapettah Hospital from 1976 to 1996. After this it is entirely managed by family members of late Dr.U.Mohan Rau, currently by Dr.Ramesh Kumar Mohan Rao, (The first Grandson) a General Surgeon with practical experience also in Laparoscopic Surgery, Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery & Endoscopy and Gastro intestinal Surgery, his wife Dr.Sukhada R.Rao an experienced...

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Pregnancy, Child birth and Female reproductive systems




various types of Hernias are treated by our specialists





Chief Anesthesiologist at Chennai Plastic Surgery and Consultant in several Hospitals, including Dr U Mohan Rau Memorial Hospital, Chennai. Worked as Resident in Anesthesia in Stanley Medical College, Chennai 1997-2000;…

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Senior Consultant Physician

Passed MBBS from Stanley Medical college in 1978 and M D in General Medicine from Kilpauk Medical College in 1987. Served in Tamilnadu Medical Service from 1987 to 2013 &…

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Dr.Mrs.Anuradha Rao,

Dr.Mrs.Anuradha Rao,


Consultant Dermatologist, Bangalore.

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Dr.R.Sanjay Rao

Dr.R.Sanjay Rao

Paediatric Surgeon

Consultant Paediatric Surgeon, Narayana Hridayalaya, Bangalore. Res.

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“I underwent Piles operation in Dr.U.Mohan Rau Memorial Hospital last year. Dr.M.Mohan Rao had performed the operation. After the operation I am completely free from piles problem. The operation was performed with meticulous care after carrying out all the tests necessary for the operation.
The post-operation care in the Hospital was excellent. I felt very homely during my stay in the Hospital due to the personal care of the Doctor and the good service rendered by the staff of the Hospital which had enabled me to recoup my health quickly. ”

Mr.R. Vaidyanathan, B.Sc.,

“ This was my first experience entering an operation theatre for an operation. Still I am unable to come to a conclusion whether the sedative injection kept me calm or the melodious music which filled the theatre did it.
And to mention about the post operative care it was one of the best I’ve seen so far. I thank my company doctor for recommending this hospital for my operation.
I wish all the best to each and every staff to achieve further heights and merits in their career. ”


“Let me thank the authorities of Dr U. Mohan Rau Memorial Hospital for having cured me of my hernia problem.

I am very much moved by the courtersy, systematic and parental approach of the doctor, Prof. M. Mohan Rao and his team during the course of my stay in the hospital.

It is highly appreciable that while taking every possible care before the operation, atmost care was bestowed even during the post operation period.

Lastly I am very proud to mention that I have approached a right and one of the very few Hospitals which extend excellent hospitality”

Mr.S. Seetha Raman
Client VaidyanathanClient KrishnakumaarClient Seetharaman
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