Ours is the family’s fourth generation of doctors managing this hospital, which is in its seventh decade of existence.We do our best to give good medical, surgical and nursing care and advice to each of our patients, rich or poor.

Large number of satisfied patients and their families who come to us again and again for treatment, guidance, and help are our main strength. Many are our close family friends and there is lot of interaction between us and our clients professionally and socially. Our relations with our regular patients is built on friendship and mutual trust. We have also built a network of large clientele through our interactive websites –, a dedicated website for Hernias

Over the years we have earned a reputation that any patient who comes under our care in our Hospital gets fully relieved or cured. We specialize in medical and surgical care for all types of elective or non-emergency care. Non surgical patients with persistent general problems & fevers, renal, liver, respiratory and cardiac diseases are also fully evaluated and treated very well by our experienced consultants.

Late Dr.U.Mohan Rau was a true General Surgeon doing all types of surgery which now come under various specialties like urology, gastro intestinal surgery, colo-rectal surgery, endoscopic surgery, plastic surgery, surgical oncology etc. All these fields are covered by our present consultants. For this purpose we have equipments and experienced and well known consultants. Hitech equipments for endourology, surgery for all abdominal problems using laparoscopic and mini laparoscopic methods wherever applicable, staplers for advanced gastro intestinal and colorectal surgery, various surgeries for cancer of thyroid, parotid, breast etc. and equipments and expertise for cosmetic surgeries like liposuction, mammoplastics, rhinoplasties etc. – to mention some.

The Obstetrics and Gynecology services under the stewardship of Dr Sukhada Rao has all modern high tech facilities for the best care for diseases of women and newborns. This service is very popular and has grown from strength to strength.

Facilities for intensive medical and cardiac care for all our in-house patients are in place.

Our interactive website has also garnered a large clientele of its own from all over India and overseas also. The online appointment facilities, the “Ask your doctor/ Any Questions” feature and regular monthly highly informative and educative Newsletters sent to all subscribers are all features well utilized by the public.