“I underwent Piles operation in Dr.U.Mohan Rau Memorial Hospital last year. Dr.M.Mohan Rao had performed the operation. After the operation I am completely free from piles problem. The operation was performed with meticulous care after carrying out all the tests necessary for the operation.
The post-operation care in the Hospital was excellent. I felt very homely during my stay in the Hospital due to the personal care of the Doctor and the good service rendered by the staff of the Hospital which had enabled me to recoup my health quickly. ”

Client Vaidyanathan

“ This was my first experience entering an operation theatre for an operation. Still I am unable to come to a conclusion whether the sedative injection kept me calm or the melodious music which filled the theatre did it.
And to mention about the post operative care it was one of the best I’ve seen so far. I thank my company doctor for recommending this hospital for my operation.
I wish all the best to each and every staff to achieve further heights and merits in their career. ”

Client Krishnakumaar

“Let me thank the authorities of Dr U. Mohan Rau Memorial Hospital for having cured me of my hernia problem.

I am very much moved by the courtersy, systematic and parental approach of the doctor, Prof. M. Mohan Rao and his team during the course of my stay in the hospital.

It is highly appreciable that while taking every possible care before the operation, atmost care was bestowed even during the post operation period.

Lastly I am very proud to mention that I have approached a right and one of the very few Hospitals which extend excellent hospitality”

Client Seetharaman

It was a great experience to have been treated in Dr. U. Mohan Rau Memorial Hospital for cosmetic dentistry in January this year under the guidance of Dr Kaushal Kishore. The well-equipped Dental department is a great asset to this Institution. I am glad to share that I am very happy with the treatment given to me. I was initially scared to take up cosmetic treatment on my tooth because I didn’t want to change the way my natural teeth look. But once after taking up cosmetic treatment with ceramic I am so satisfied. The results are so substantial that it just looks like a natural tooth. I am now very comfortable with the tooth. I would like to thank Dr Kaushal Kishore for the best treatment given to me and I wish him luck for a very bright future.

Client Gopinath

Dear Dr. Kaushal Kishore,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service you offered me during my last visit. Before my visit, I was real edgy to tackle my tooth decay issue. Since time was limited I was reluctant to get it done.

Boy, Now I feel great. I wanted to rate this as one of the greatest gambles. But I know, It was your great service, which clearly outwitted my luck. You had done a fantastic job and words are not enough to praise your service. I had totally forgotten, that I had root canal done last week. I feel normal and great. Most importantly, I am enjoying home made hard Indian burfi’s. Thank you.
Good luck. I wish and pray for your success.


“ We have known late Dr.U.Mohan Rau during his life time for over 2 decades. We have also known Dr.M.Mohan Rao, M.D & Chief Surgeon of the New Hospital. My wife has been under his treatment for over 5 years and I have recently undergone Hernia operation in the new Hospital.
I felt very homely during my stay in the Hospital. Dr M.Mohan Rao’s soothing words and sweet talk helps heal woundsm,. faster. All the doctors, Nurses and other staff were efficient, polite and kind. The Hospital is also very well maintained.”
says Mr. G.Natarajan.

Client Natarajan

” Dear Dr Kaushal, Wow!! I would say the treatment given to me was awesome.I have never heard about a treatment without pain, but here it is. I swear I didn’t even have a little pain during and after treatment. I would really thank you for the wonderful treatment given to me. I am just giving my best smile now. Thanks a million for that.
I had a gap in between my teeth and I was not interested in clips but was scared there would be pain during the cosmetic dentistry,root canal etc. But you have done a wonderful service to me.You are very friendly which gave me more confidence about the treatment and was feeling very comfortable. When I see myself now I cant really believe it, I have a wonderful teeth….incredible! Now people say I dont look as if I had undergone treatment. Its perfect.

I am glad that i have visited your Clinic.
I am sure you would have a fantastic career.

Client Anushiya

It was my privilege to have been admitted into Dr. U. Mohan Rau Memorial Hospital for a Total Thyroidectomy in mid-June this year and operated upon by Dr. M. Mohan Rao and his team of experienced and dedicated Doctors and Nurses. The Well-equipped and efficiently managed Operating Theatre is a great asset to this Institution as also the various other Departments that are doing their share to provide complete attention and care to the needs of the patients. Maintenance of cleanliness and the discipline expected and enforced make staying in this Nursing Home a pleasant and rewarding experience. Provision of wholesome and affordable food to the patients and their attendants is an added welcome feature.

I wish this Institution many many more years of successful and useful service to the public.

Client Sudheendra